August 15, 2017

Undergraduate research: Come visit the 2017 SmartiGras Thursday, Aug 16 on the UTM campus

The Research Opportunity Program is UTM's most successful and popular undergraduate career development program. It places undergraduates in a research environment for a semester and gives them first hand experience in laboratory research, project management, and practical training for a scientific career in academia or industry.

This Thursday, UTM undergraduates will showcase their summer research projects at the annual SmartiGras, a one day conference with talks and posters. The subjects are broad and reflective of the diverse research at UTM, and Biology is especially well represented.

Two members from the Phillips lab, Ibadat Bajwa and Haniya Adnan, will present posters on their summer projects. If you are around this Thursday and want to see what motivated undergrads can do with their summers, come check out the SmartiGras in the Instructional Building on the UTM campus this Thursday

Good luck Ibadat and Haniya!

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