March 9, 2018

Our paper "Nerolidol production in agroinfiltrated tobacco: Impact of protein stability and membrane targeting of strawberry (Fragraria ananassa) NEROLIDOL SYNTHASE1" published in Plant Science

Paola Andrade, David Manzano, Karla Ramirez-Estrada, Daniel Caudepon,
Montserrat Arro, Albert Ferrer, Michael A. Phillips⁎

Plant Science 267 (2018) 112-123

Here is a link to the PDF

In this paper, Paola generated a number of transformation constructs for tobacco agroinfiltration in which the strawberry nerolidol synthase gene was fused to various targeting peptides for expression at the endoplasmic reticulum or in the cytosol. Using a quantitative volatile analysis technique, which we validate in this paper, we assess the effects of subcellular localization of a terpene synthase on sesquiterpene production. The upshot: the endoplasmic reticulum is a slightly better environment for access to the high demand substrate farnesyl diphosphate, but nothing really beats a highly stable and soluble recombinant protein. We achieved better results (nerolidol production in infiltrated tobacco leaf tissue) but simply fusing nerolidol synthase to a highly soluble partner like GFP.

Congratulations to Paola on her publication and best of luck to her at the state biotechnology laboratory at the Institute for Agricultural Research (Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias) in La Platina, Chile. May there be many more.

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