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Two PhD positions are available in my lab starting fall 2017. Students must have previously completed a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or similar and be inspired to pursue original research in Plant Biochemistry. Canadian students are strongly encouraged to apply but international students with strong recommendations and transcripts will also be considered. The position includes a full research stipend for the entire duration of the PhD program. Students will also be expected to apply for scholarships and research funds, for which they will receive support and guidance. Any offer is contingent upon acceptance into the University of Toronto Cell and Systems Biology graduate program, to which interested students must apply.

Position 1: Control of carbon flux in plant metabolic networks. Using Arabidopsis as a model system, this research program will cover molecular, physiological, and bioanalytical approaches to advance our understanding of the control of plant metabolism. Modern metabolomics techniques will be the centerpiece of experimental work, and this student will be trained on the use of mass spectrometers coupled to gas and liquid chromatography. A strong interest in bioanalytical chemistry and plant molecular biology are needed, and a background in chromatography and mass spectrometry is helpful.

Position 2: Essential oil biosynthesis in glandular trichomes. This project uses molecular biology and whole plant physiology to address the formation of terpenoid essential oils in aromatic plants. Next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, molecular cloning, protein expression, and bioanalytics will form the basis of the skills acquired during this research project. A desire to learn gas chromatography - mass spectrometry is important, and a strong background in botany or plant physiology is helpful.

Various undergraduate positions are also available in my lab on a volunteer basis or as part of an ROP undergraduate research project or undergraduate thesis.

Interested students should send a CV, transcripts, and a cover letter to me at the email address below.

Dr. Michael A. Phillips
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology and Graduate Program in Cell and Systems Biology
University of Toronto - Mississauga
Tel. 1-905-569-4848

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